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Amsterdam 2017

Plastic and storytelling from the neighbourhood

Through a collaboration of Rochdale, Hollands Diep, Polimeer, h5mag and Wilhelmina Films we looked for a solution to create community involvement in local recycling. The aim of this project is to contribute to the clean up of urban areas and the transition to becoming a self-sustainable city. The investigation focuses on exploring ways to craft recycled plastic bags while generating a positive impact on society and the urban environment.



In total, over one-hundred kilograms of recycled plastic will be collected. The material is being crafted into unique signs for the facades of residential buildings in and around the Dutch capital.

The contribution of plastic from the residents creates ongoing awareness of sustainable living, and provides a physical representation of what can be achieved with recycled material.

Alongside the crafted signs, the social housing corporation has collected a number of videos from it’s local residents, each giving a personal insight into life in Amsterdam. These are being archived and shared online, available to view at www.onsverhaal.nl.


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