Fab City

Amsterdam 2016

Remark Stool

Can we make a high quality stool out of nothing but plastic bags?

Without screws, pins, glue or any type of reinforcement, but with exceptional strength and durability?

The answer is, yes! The result is a high quality product with many favourable characteristics. As opposed to mass produced plastic furniture, this stool is repairable, unique as well as very easy to recycle. It is a mono material object, therefore it doesn’t require complex disassembly.

Challenging the notion of plastic as a cheap, disposable and unsustainable material. Furthermore every stool created will have a unique pattern and colour pallet.

AB-1 Lamp

This table lamp is hand-crafted. Made out of 100% locally sourced plastic bags. It is a one-off working prototype.

In the light of our ongoing research on post-consumer plastics. In this model we combined two different production methods. Ready made moulds for the shells. Combined with CNC milling for the frame in order to connect the pieces.

AB1 has been part of the “Plastic Era Expo” organised by Cities Foundation. Held during Fabcity Amsterdam 2016. Organised by of Europe By People.

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