Ajax –

The Great 

Amsterdam 2017

A Prototype for Hogenschool Van Amsterdam and Amsterdam Arena

At Polimeer we are constantly looking for solutions to circular design challenges. We have developed a contemporary interpretation to the Ajax Amphora – an ancient object that represents the story of the great warrior Ajax, a Greek hero figure who inspires the football team of Amsterdam. This sculpture encaptures the ambience of the city’s fans coming together to experience and celebrate the city of Amsterdam.

The amphora is created from the seating that witnessed 20 years of football at the Amsterdam Arena. Using a combination of modern manufacturing methods and traditional craft, we were able to capture the sentimental value of the Ajax footballing community. The Amphora features twenty diagonal slices representing the first two decades of Ajax at their new stadium home. The circular design showcases the ability to transform an obsolescent object, into a material that can then be crafted again.

We aim to capture the emotional and historical value of the community, because we believe the best way to reduce waste is to create long-lasting, unique objects. This Amphora aims to encourage and inspire product designers, students and industry to harness the material value of recycled plastic. We believe that circular innovations will drive positive change within our society, and specifically the transition towards becoming a self-sustainable city.

We will showcase the Amphora at Dutch Design Week 2017. In the future, we would like to invite fans and/or players to join us within our workshop, to craft a larger Amphora. We envisage this piece as a permanent sculpture within the Arena Museum, that celebrates the community spirit at the Ajax Football club.

Credits:                Polimeer              Tom Meades 


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