Every story has an ending …

We are sad to announce that on April 1th, 2022 Polimeer webshop will stop to operate therefore terminate the business in full. We thank all customers, partners and friends for supporting us in the last years and for demonstrating us that a sustainable future made of recycled plastic is possible !

The last 2 years were extremelly tough for Polimeer co-founders who faced some serious setbacks and some tough challenges to solve. Polimeer still believes there is so much to be done in the recycled plastic industry to keep innovating processes and products for a future based on circular economy. 

At the end of 2019, Polimeer started to rethink his proccess and manufacturing as well as to tackle his major business model issues wanting to grow sales in B2B and at the same time opening new sales channels with a webshop direct to consumer and a collection of home decor products. Unfortunatley timing was not under our wing: the pandemic has changed everything by shuffling the way how the world works, live and consume, we were not able to jump on this change fast enough and with the right tools. 

Polimeer design studio will remain open until further notice to evaluate project proposals for : design, product development and consultancy projects. 

Do you have any question ? Feel free to write us at info@polimeer.com