We Craft Plastic in Amsterdam

Design objects and spaces in recycled plastic for mission-driven companies that want to battle plastic waste 

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Make Use of Plastic Waste

Plastic waste from The Netherlands is collected and used for your project. Together we close the loop of circular economy. 

On-demand production

Our projects are never the same ! With you we will design and develop tailor made solutions to avoid over-production waste.


Let the plastic speak by itself. Bring your customers into the beautiful  journey  of circular economy with custom objects and immersive experiences. 

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News & Exhibitions :

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ECHO – Precious Plastic 

19.10.2019 – 27.10.2019

Dutch Design Week 2019 

Fantastic Plastic

18.07.2019 – Current

Moscow Design Museum 

Rethinking Plastic 

06.06.2019 – Current

Yksi Expo – Eindhoven

We Love Plastic

For this reason we have invented Polimarble®, so that you have no more excuses to say that plastic is ugly ! Polimarble® is the an innovative and original stone-looking material 100% made with soft plastic waste. 

2020 colours
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we craft plastic

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The Team

Alessandro Iadarola
Alessandro Iadarola

Co-founder / CEO

Bob Vos
Bob Vos

Co-founder / COO / CFO


Intern - Fall 2019

Agathe & Romouald
Agathe & Romouald

Intern - summer 2019

We’re always scouting for talents !


Are you hands-on, problem solver and detail oriented ?

We welcome interns for internships of 3 months and above. Send us an email with your CV and portfolio 


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Moezelhavenweg 9
1043 AM – Amsterdam
The Netherlands
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Polimeer is committed to the SDG set by UN and is proud member of Impact Hub Amsterdam

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