Wasted lab


The Wasted Project is about locally recycling plastic waste, In short, WASTED gives new value to plastic waste.


We built a lab set up with plastic processing machines and tools. In this project of Cities Foundation, the community collects the plastic for recycling.  People who deliver plastic are rewarded by means of a coin system, which can be used to get discounts in local shops. With the collected plastic new objects for the community can be created in the workshops at the lab, a space with small-scale, custom-designed tools for plastic up-cycling.



The process consists out of, A wooden box and table for sorting waste bags, a scale to measure the amount, the plastic can then be put into the specially coated cooking pot, and put into the oven, after melted properly, the plastic has a clay like consistency, and can be handled with welding gloves, and put into the square mould. The mould is then placed in the custom made press. when the mould is fully pressed it is clammed and put into one of the black buckets which is filled up with water to cool down. This is a very straightforward process in which people can easily understand it, even used with children for education purposes.

This is an open source project, all technical drawings are shared on-line, on the Wasted website an open source report is available.