Since April 2015 we work hand in hand addressing solutions to postconsumer plastic recycling in the area of Amsterdam. Up to now we have developed a personal skill-set and processes that enable us to use plastic for the productions of experimental high-end and affordable objects and generate artistic and economical value out of materials that would be discarded otherwise.

Our projects are characterized by a strong ethical approach to environmental issue and by the criticality of reevaluating discarded materials meeting the needs of innovative business models. We prototype and build our projects in-house combining modern digital manufacturing technologies and revisited traditional craft techniques.

Aleportrait ab1lamp

Alessandro Iadarola is a creative thinker, maker and designer with an entrepreneurial spirit. He studied in Italy and Belgium with internships in Amsterdam at Bo Reudier and the Waag Society, FabLab Amsterdam.

Alessandro developed an heterogeneous skill-set and personal approach to design and social matter.

His work is characterised by the use of materials and things at the end of their functioning period that he reprocesses into something new mixing hand work and digital manufacturing tools.

Alessandro uses design as tool to research entrepreneurial opportunities and business models for the productions of sustainable products.





Bob Vos is based in Amsterdam, and a graduate from the DesignLAB of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy.

He works as a freelance Designer, always looking for opportunities to collaborate on design projects dedicated to delivering quality design.

Attaching great value to critical thinking and philosophy as a starting point for any creative process. Bob has been exploring the possibilities around remelting postconsumer thermoplastics in small scale production since his graduation project at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy (2015), questioning contemporary ideas about the natural versus the synthetic, and handmade versus industrial production.


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