Polimeer is a circular design studio based in Amsterdam.
We find innovative ways to transform waste streams by focusing on materials aesthetic, new crafts and digital manufacturing.

we craft plastic

Polimeer’s circular design process follows a service-product hybrid methodology. We aim to create impactful solutions for social innovation and sustainable product development.

By researching and analyzing the systems within our urban environment, we can develop the tools needed to create innovative products with a positive impact.

By combining technology and hand crafting methods, Polimeer explores new material aesthetics. We design products that people will treasure. 

Polimeer collaborates with nonprofits, commercial businesses, and governmental organisations. 


Polimarble Vessels featured in  “Change The System”  at Museum Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam, NL



Visit us at Makerversity Amsterdam

Kattenburgersstraat 5 – E27
1018 JA Amsterdam
The Netherlands
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